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Pure Factory has more than 300 products for growers who need quality technical solutions at a competitive price.

These products are grouped into different ranges that provide a response at all times: Pure Tent cabinets, Pure light and Pure Led lighting solutions, Typhoon fans, Pure Filter anti-odour systems, ducting, Pure pot and Flexapot textile pots, humidification and dehumidification solutions, Pure Factory’s wide range also includes products for pest control, pruning and drying tools, resin extraction systems, Pure Scale precision scales and microscopes.

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Pure Led luminaires for agricultural use are a quality commitment to affordable and sustainable professional cultivation for everyone, with full-spectrum lighting for the entire cultivation cycle for optimum plant development.

Both the Pro and Q versions are distinguished by their original and practical design, as well as their durability and reliability. They are lightweight and have no moving parts, making them completely silent in operation. These ranges are now reinforced with new models and the new EXPERT and MAX luminaires, as well as a new controller, adapting to the needs of the most demanding grower. Pure Led is technology and nature in perfect balance.

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Here at Monkey Soil we believe in crop sustainability and environment protection, that’s why we create high quality products. We make possible to crop in a natural and organic way allowing the true personality of each genetic.

We believe in the concept of super susbtrates and living soils, developing them, organic fertilisers, and micro-life ready that nourishes the plants with everything they need for a healthy in-full development. All Monkey Soil products are composed of selected and tested raw materials, because our aim is to achieve a high-cannabinoid content harvest and a unique terpenic profile.

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