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Jamaican artist Turbulence replaces Anthony B due to the singer’s inability to leave the country.

Turbulence will perform exclusively this Saturday 10th September with the same band as Anthony B at the Expogrow Music Festival in Irun together with Iseo & Dodosound and the French musicians French Touch Squad. The organisation has made an important effort so that the musician can replace him and come expressly from Jamaica.


Iseo & Dodosound



In a show in which we will be able to listen to the songs from ‘Blossom’, the new album they are presenting in 2022 and, as always, surrounded by their horn section, the inimitable The
Mousehunters, Iseo & Dodosound bring their music to Expogrow.

The duo from Navarre knew how to create a unique musical combination between a sweet but resounding voice and reggae rhythms with hip hop and dub flavours that has been gaining fans, locally and internationally, inside and outside reggae. Cat Platoon, their first full-length in 2015, caught the attention of an audience always eager for fresh and free proposals and Roots in the Air (2017) confirmed that there was Iseo & Dodosound for a while. Tracks like Freedom, Vampire, Fresh Air, or a sweet version of Chan Chan in reggae key intertwine with the duo’s new productions in a show that promises strong emotions.





El cantante de reggae es un reconocido miembro del movimiento rastafari y poderosa voz activista social. Fue descubierto en 1999 por Philip «Fatis» Burrell. Ha lanzado varios álbumes incluyendo I Believe, United, Notorious – The Álbum, Songs of Solomon, Triumphantly, Join Us y Hail The King. Apareció en un episodio de la serie documental de la BBC Storyville. También es conocido por su canción «Blood dem out», que apareció en una película de esquí freestyle llamada «Show and Prove”. Uno de sus temas más recientes es «For me”.

French Touch Squad



FRENCH TOUCH SQUAD, a powerful group formed by 9 leading French urban-reggae scene musicians, led by international hip hop activist DJ Keshkoon: Tiwony (veteran leader of the French reggae scene); Busta Flex (old school French hip hop); Sir Samuel (member of the famous French hip hop collective Saian Supa Crew); Tuco Gadamn (member of Joey Starr’s BOSS Collective), Dapatach MC (specialist of the made in Jamaica Rub a Dub style); Davojah (prominent reggae-hiphop singer from Southern France); V.O.D. (underground hip hop artist from Paris) and 2 Cheese Milkshake (New Generation Collective Patapouf Gang). Surprise appearances are not ruled out.

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