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The industry as a hub of transformation, past, present and future

Cannabis Industry Guild

The GIC was created to help us collectively overcome a whole series of attacks and stigmatisations that we suffer and that we cannot face individually.  With more than fifteen years of experience, the Guild is making this evolution, which is so necessary to generate unity and efforts as agents of change, allowing us to stand up and act as interlocutors with the political agents, who now seem to be in a hurry to regulate the sector and we must be there to give our opinion, to claim our rights and to give value to what has been done up to now.

F9 – 18:00h – Table 1: Law in process regulating medical cannabis in Spain. A very restrictive law, a step forward or backward?

Carola Pérez

President of OECM (Spanish Medical Cannabis Observatory) 


Koldo Martínez

Doctor and Senator. Geroa Social Verdes.


Marta Rosique 

Member of the Congress of Deputies for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya


Noemí Sánchez

President of the OECCC, European Observatory on the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis.


Mariano García de Palau

Spanish Medical Cannabis Observatory


Carles Mulet

Compromís Senator.


S10 – 12:00h – Table 2: A comprehensive law regulating the adult use of cannabis – will it be possible to pass it in this legislature?

Lucía Muñoz Dalda

Member of the Congress of Deputies for Unidas Podemos.  

Jorge Moruno

Member of the Madrid Assembly for Más Madrid 

Mariella Dimech

Director of the Regulatory Authority in Malta, first country to regulate in the European Union 

Bernardo Soriano

Drafter of Law 420 presented in Congress by Unidas Podemos.

Fermín Les

President of PCLV

Ainhoa Beola

Head of institutional policy for EH Bildu


S10 – 18:00h – Presentation of the book ‘Luz Verde a la Libertad’.

The first book written by Albert Tió and Víctor Segués (currently serving his sentence, they come to Expogrow on prison leave). A chronicle in two voices that narrates from prison the formation of a better dream, inspiring a cry for freedom. The authors, as it is known by the media, were sentenced to 5 years in prison in political reprisal for their involvement in the cause of legalisation and regulation of cannabis consumption.

LUZ VERDE A LA LIBERTAD is composed of the diaries that both authors have written during their confinement in the Lledoners penitentiary centre, where they were sentenced to 5 years in prison for their commitment to the cause of health cannabis regulation and against drug trafficking.

«It is a call for freedom. And an illustrative tool for all activists and defenders of this cause».

The conclusion of these letters derives from the idea of convening the most important leaders of the movement in Spain for the formation of a political party that today is a reality and is called LUZ VERDE, which explains the title of this book, which is a call to freedom. And an illustrative tool for all activists and defenders of this cause.

The texts (which also include letters from leading figures, a manifesto and a passionate foreword by the international activist and father activist of the legal cannabis industry STEVE DEANGELO) transport us to an empathetic feeling of deprivation of liberty in an act of injustice, which is gradually being repaired. And in this dialogue of crossed messages, we discover the gestation of an inspiring project for a whole movement of freedom, peace and justice.

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