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Expogrow 2019

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Among the several novelties of this edition, we must underline the Music Festival, that will take place on Sat. April 27th with front line artists.

At nightfall, when the exhibition pavilions are closed, the outdoor music festival tent welcome us under it’s cloak. All the cannabis community come together (visitors, exhibitors, professionals, activists, forum speakers, organizers…) to cut loose from an intense working day by singing, dancing and listening to the live music: one of the distinctives of our/your fair to which we will never give up.

This year we are preparing an even more eclectic and multicultural event where any of you will find something to enjoy. The «Cannabis Party» will last until very late at night, come to have fun with us!

Expogrow flows!


Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra


The great EMIR KUSTURICA with his inseparable THE NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA will be performing in one of the most special shows of our music festival history. Sat. April 27th will be something else than a party thanks to the Balkan music of this artist and film director who celebrates his 20th anniversary with the band. They will launch his last album «Corps Diplomatique» and perform their best themes on our stage.

Danakil & the Baco All stars


The very well known reggae band from France DANAKIL, who will share the stage with THE BACO ALL STARS (Yaniss Odua / Volodia / Natty Jean/ Brahim / Papa Style & Numan). An innovating and wake-up call show for the only concerts night at the Expogrow Fair.

Kulto Kultibo

Basque Country

Kulto Kultibo is a Rap / Reggae band born in 2010 when Peca, Samu, Seta and Aimar joined. 2018 has been the most intense and frenetic year for Kulto Kultibo, after more than 40 concerts all around the country, they have also used their spare time to publish his 3d album “La Esencia” (The essence). 2019 without any doubt, will be the year of their recognition in the national Rap scene.

Don Cornelius


As in previous editions, the nights of concerts will start with Dj Don Cornelius. It’s the funkiest and most relaxed nickname of this crazy man passionate with music. He shared his music fever in the classiest places. He managed to immerse his music personality with old sounds but also new sounds to create a strong umbilical cord. From the most elegant Soul to the most positive Reggae, including the most combative Rap, most classic Pop or the most melodic Rock.

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