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Expogrow is a different cannabis fair. You don’t come to Ficoba just to buy or to sell, you come to grow… relationships, the knowledge and the critical awareness.

One of the pillars of this cannabis date has always been the previously named International Cannabis Forum and, since 2017, named CANNABIS BOX FORUM in order to reach better to the assistants but keeping it’s content quality.

We are looking forward to see you there!!

Organized by Expogrow and FUNDACIÓN RENOVATIO.



Carola Pérez


President of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis, OECM

Graduated of audiovisual communication, area in which she has decided to work most of her professional career. Currently she presides over the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis and she’s the founder of the association of therapeutics users Dosemociones where she helps all kind of patients that use cannabis for medical purposes.

Lourdes Ciria


Podemos sectorial state cannabis circle

A born activist and cannabis user for more than 20 years, Lourdes studied hospital nursing, pharmacy technique and is a technician in management computer applications.

Since 2015 she has formed part of Podemos in which she carried out organisational and secretarial functions together with other members of the coordination team.

16:15h – Table 2: DINAFEM LABS

Pierre Antoine Aulas


Born in France and graduate in Pharmaceutical Science by the University of Lille and training in Botanical Science in Manipal University, India. Holder of a master in Neuropharmacology, specialised on cannabidiol-based training (CBD) as treatment for children suffering epilepsy in Israel. Currently working on the selection of new chemotypes specific to the indication and development of formulation for efficient systems for the administration of active botanical compounds.

Oier Aizpurua

Basque Country

From Basque Country, Zarautz. Did a Chemistry degree, a master in Toxicology, and a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country. Specialized in the analysis and extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as in the analysis of cannabinoid metabolites in biological samples. Nowadays is working at Dinafem, developing new CBD genetics and carrying out R&D projects with the university.

16:45 – Table 3: INDUSTRIAL HEMP

Miguel Torres


Baker Tilly Abogados

Lawyer and professor of Private International Law of the University of Barcelona. He has been President of the Foreign Investment Commission of the International Union of Lawyers. He has advised the company that obtained the first authorization granted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) for the cultivation of cannabis for research purposes.

Kenzi Riboulet


Co-founder of NORML France and Head of research at FAAAT think & do tank (

Kenzi is a French-Algerian multidisciplinary independent researcher, and an advocate for sustainable drug policy reforms. Focused on Action research (where scholars and citizens match) as a catalyzer for legal and social changes, hi has been particularly involved in studying alternative pathways for Cannabis policy reform.

Martín Díaz Velásquez


Rev. Martín Ignacio Díaz VelásquezCo-Founder & CEO of the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Science | Knowmad Institut.  Joint author of the report “Cannabis & Sustainable Development | Exploring new consensus for a post-prohibition transition that leaves no one behind”. He has worked with universities, digital media, supra-ecclesial and interreligious organisations and intergovernmental organisations at the international level.

17:30 – Table 4: REGULATION

Bernardo Soriano


A lawyer and director of S&F Abogados, he is the spokesperson for the Responsible Regulation platform in charge of implementing the platform’s advocacy strategy, holding meetings with political parties in the Spanish Parliament and presenting initiatives supporting recreational regulation of cannabis in Spain.

Miguel Vila


MP for Podemos

He joined Podemos in early 2014, first in charge of audiovisual production and then, as of December 2015 first as MP for Podemos and later as MP for Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-En Marea. He also promoted and co-ordinated the drafting of a non-government bill for the integral regulation of cannabis for Podemos.


Milton Romani


(Ex-Secretary General of the Uruguay National Drug Board)

Graduate in Psychology from the University of Uruguay, Milton Romani is a technician in nuclear medicine for the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina. In 2016 he acted as Secretary General of the National Drug Board of the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay. Before holding this position, he worked as ambassador for Uruguay before the Organization of American States – OAS (2012-2014).

Alfredo Pascual


Based in Germany, Alfredo works as International Analyst for Marijuana Business Daily, focusing on international cannabis markets and regulations. He has an academic background in business and public policy. Before joining MJBizDaily, he founded Transnational Cannabis, a regulatory consultancy firm that had clients in Europe and Latin America. Previously, he did business development for ICC Labs.


Marcos Gutiérrez Porta

Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal and South America for BIOBIZZ

Cannabis Box Forum Sponsor


Biobizz World Wide Organics is dedicated to the production of 100% organic certified substrates, fertilizers, stimulants, and organic activators ensuring the highest quality of each of the products we create, as well as the result that the grower gets when they use them.

Our philosophy is very simple: to make organic agriculture reach as many people as possible in order to minimize the negative impact we leave on the world we live in.

Since we started making organic products in 1992, we have strived to encourage sustainable agriculture, promote self-supply, and highlight the importance of using natural products and methods to obtain everything we need.

Our presence in 64 countries, our 7 certifications, and decades of experience make Biobizz a guarantee of exuberant and tasty harvest.

Cannabis Box Forum Coorganizer

Fundación Renovatio

Foundation Renovatio racks up an extensive experience in the management of collectives of cannabis users with the main objective of supporting all the participants in these regulative processes by providing them useful tools which contribute to a more coherent and complete regulation.

This project takes place in the face of the necessity  of going into the normalization of Cannbabis from a scientific perspective, with a serious focus on the public health.

Using that as a basis, one intends to realize suggestions based on the perspectives of the civilian population for contributing to new points of view of the drug policy. In this case it concerns mainly the regularization of the associations of cannabis users initiated in 2011 in the Basque Parliament.

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