09:00h Welcome coffee
09.20h 09:30h Conference opening
Speech 1
09.30h 10:30h "The industry of cannabis with non psychoactive purposes: trend and estimation of the 2020-2030 market "
Speech 2
10.30h 11:45h "Evolution of the CBD and hemp market in Europe and the rest of the world: food, cosmetics, e-liquids and pharmacy"
Speech 3
11.45h 12:45h “Hemp by-products, new technologies and sustainability; technical challenge and market opportunities: fibres, building, bioenergy infrastructures and compound materials".
12.45h 13:30h Business Lunch
Speech 4
13:30h 15:00h "Non psychoactive hemp regulation at an international and national level"
Speech 5
15.00h 16:15h "Epidiolex approval and the Farm Bill implementation: the new perspective in USA"
Speech 6
16.15h 17:30h "Quality control of CBD and hemp by-products: laboratories, regulation and quality management systems"


Gianpaolo Grassi

Gianpaolo Grassi

Head Researcher, CREA-CI

Since 1980, he attended the research Institute for Industrial Crops now named Agricultural Research Council /CREA), Centre for research of Cereal and Industrial crops (CI). He gained the permanent position in the 1987 in the branch section of Rovigo of CREA-CI.

After five years he returned to Bologna and in 1994, for the first time he addresses the study in Cannabis and in particular engages in the study of cannabinoids and their detection by chemical analysis, serological and colorimetric tests.

In 2000, he breed Cannabis and obtained the three first italian varieties of monoecius industrial hemp. His institute is the only italian research centre that has the permit of the Ministry of Health to produce in médium andl large scale of cannabis for research purposes and that select the cannabis genotypes with high concentration of compounds with biological and therapeutic properties like THC and CBD.

Shawn Hauser

Shawn Hauser

Partner of Vicente Sederberg

Shawn Hauser helps marijuana and hemp businesses navigate the intersections between state and federal law, licensing, general business representation, investment, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property. As chair of the VS Hemp and Cannabinoids Practice Group, Shawn advises clients on the unique legal landscape governing cannabinoids and industrial hemp, helping them form compliant business structures and develop innovative solutions that best position them for success at the state and national levels. She has been named one of “Denver’s Top Lawyers” by 5280 magazine in each of the past four years (2016-2019).

With more than a decade of experience, Shawn is a go-to source for businesses, industry groups, governments, and reporters seeking opinions, analysis, and guidance on cannabis and hemp law and policy matters. She is a member of the Hemp Industries Association Legislative Review Committee and the steering committee for the American Hemp Campaign.

Since directing Sensible Colorado’s local government implementation team following the passage of Amendment 64, Shawn remains active with local governments in Colorado and beyond to develop and implement marijuana regulations that advance the cannabis industry in a dynamic and responsible manner. After law school Shawn was an associate attorney at McAllister, Darnell & Gottlieb PC, one of the first marijuana-focused law firms in Colorado.

Boris Banas

Boris Banas

Hemp activist since 1998. Founder of “Why not hemp?” non-profit fund. (www.konopa.sk). Has been growing hemp for research under Slovak government licenses in 1999, 2000 and 2003. Helped to push Slovak government to adopt EU hemp-related farming rules in 2008.

Fully dedicated to hemp business since 2009. Co-founder and co-owner with Michal Tőzsér of HEMP SEED OIL EUROPE LTD (www.hempseedoil.eu, www.hempseedprotien.eu), a top-leading supplier of bulk and private label hemp seed derivatives for various industrial sectors: food, cosmetics, feed, paint and varnish on markets of EU and the Balkans. The biggest EU importer of premium quality Canadian hemp-seed products (www.hempoilcan.com).

Has launched on the consumer market world’s first germinated hemp seed products (www.germinatedhemp.eu)

Has launched CBDepot.eu project in 2014 with aim to provide legal and quality Cannabidiol-enriched products for industrial and end-consumer use.

Tomas Sadilek

Tomas Sadilek

Director of Government Affairs, International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

Mr. Sadilek joined the ICCI (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute) the position of Director of Government Affairs.

He brings with him extensive experience from the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in the field of Legal and Illegal Drugs.

Represented the Czech Republic in all drug related meetings in United Nations institutions (Vienna, New York)

Represented the Czech Republic in meetings in EU area, Eastern Partnership countries area, occasionally the US; these are related to UN meetings, Council of the EU meetings, Council of Europe meetings.

Carl Martel

Carl Martel

Advanced Hemp Technologies

Carl Martel is an independent scientist researching in the field of industrial hemp since 2010. Formally trained as a geoarchaeologist with degrees in Interdisciplinary Science. He has worked with a number of hemp companies across Canada and Australia.

Co-inventor of a grain disinfection system deployed in Canada and Australia, Carl continues to explore and develop grain quality postharvest management systems. His focus recently is on value added products from agricultural waste such as carbon foam for insulation, water filtration/desalination and energy storage. The most recent development was the demonstration of a Building Integrated Energy Storage (BIES) concept at the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance conference held in Ottawa, Canada, in November 2017.

Simon Anderfuhren

Simon Anderfuhren

Employed in 2007 as a research assistant Simon Anderfuhren-Biget is currently lecturer and post-doc researcher in public administration and international relations at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, and at the Global Studies Institute, both hosted by the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

He has successfully completed a Degree in Sociology (2005), a Master in Public Administration (2007), and a PhD in Political Science (2011). His doctoral thesis “Pursuing the Common Good in Daily Work: Essays on Public Service Motivation in Switzerland” dealt with the application of the Public Service Motivation perspective in Switzerland.

This interdisciplinary profile is reflected in its various research and teaching interests: public sector reforms, organizational sociology, organizational behavior, management practices, human resources, values ​​and motivation to work, management of international organizations.
From October 2013 to March 2015, he is Visiting Scholar at the School for International and Public Affairs (SIPA-Columbia University) and at the Wagner School of Public Service (NY University), to complete a research project: “Human Resources in International Organizations: Values, Motivations, and Performance”. This research is financed by the Swiss National Scientific Foundation. He has worked for different institutions in projects related to cannabis policies and policies: a pilot regulatory project for the Canton of Geneva, the development of an expert center in GREA, the “Cannabis Report 2019” commissioned by the Federal Commission for Matters of Addiction (EKSF) to advise the Swiss federal government.

Anderfuhren is one of the most qualified professionals to explain the Swiss case with the CBD, one of the countries that is making progress towards a regulation of this cannabinoid within Europe, even without being part of the EU.

Vangelis Mitsis

Vangelis Mitsis, born in Athens, Greece in 1978, is a doctor in surgery from the University of Medicine and Surgery of Padova. In his beginnings he developed his work as a teacher at the University of Patra, in his native country, in the department of speech pathology, while running his own clinic in Athens. In 2015 he started to work in Barcelona, where two years later started working as laboratory manager and executive director of Ekati Alchemy Lab S. L., a laboratory that specializes in the analysis of cannabinoids and minor terpenes.

Rosa De la Torre

Rosa De la Torre

Rosa De la Torre has a Degree in Chemical Sciences in the Faculty of Sciences, Chemical Sciences Section of the University of Extremadura. She worked for the multinational Nestlé in its research center as a Food Safety Science Project Manager and Food Technology Project Management. Currently, she Works for the Agroalimentary Technological Center of Extremadura, CTAEX.

From 2001 is in charge of the Food Science and Safety department (analytical services and R + D + i projects). With Industrial Hemp Rosa has participated in the MULTIHEMP project of the 7th Framework Program of the EU, together with 11 countries. Currently  she participates in the GOCI Supraautonomic Operative Project, on the standardization in Spain of Industrial Hemp and all its applications with the collaboration of multiple spanish companies.

Miguel Torres

Miguel Torres is a lawyer and professor of Private International Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona. He has been President of the Foreign Investment Commission of the International Union of Lawyers. He has advised the company that obtained the first authorization granted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) for the cultivation of cannabis for research purposes.

Javier Rodriguez Saiz


Javier Rodríguez Saiz Javier has an international professional trajectory and proven success in various world-class organizations from different industries. Among other, he has worked for Nestlé and Imperial Tobacco, where he cross functionally developed. He is now part of Harmony, one of the most successful European CBD related startups, where he is leading the South of Europe and Latin America business. As part of the journey, in 2018, Javier founded ACTIVE Spain, the Trade Association for the Cannabinoids and the Terpenes Industry in Spain.

Arnaud Cohen


Arnaud Cohen Arnaud holds more than 7 years of experience in business development across 5 companies in 4 different countries, including 3 years developing an international Cannabis distribution network in Europe. Arnaud is part of Harmony, the leading CBD e-liquid brand in Europe. He is leading the French and the Eastern Europe business. As part of the journey, Arnaud founded in 2018 ACTIVE France, the Trade Association for the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Innovative Venture in France.


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