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Expogrow has been the first cannabis fair at thinking of you as something else as a consumer, that’s why our slogan is Much more than a cannabis fair

At nightfall, when the exhibition pavilions are closed, the outdoor circus tent welcome us under it’s cloak. All the cannabis community come together (visitors, exhibitors, professionals, activists, forum speakers, organizers…) to cut loose from an intense working day by singing, dancing and listening to the live music: one of the distinctives of our/your fair to which we will never give up.

This year we preparing an even more eclectic and multicultural event where any of you will find something to enjoy. We already can announce two of the «main dishes of our music menu» of this edition: El Canijo de Jerez (Spain, Fri. 14th) and Deluxe (France, Sat. 15th)

We still have to announce more than a half of the total artists of the festival, so you are still on time to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

Expogrow flows!




This refined Tuareg guitarist and his loyal musicians have drawn an itinerary trough the desert of Sahara’s contemporary and enigmatic sounds. Home is the main theme of their new album called Deran with which they are taking the desert blues all around the world.

El Canijo de Jerez


Expogrow «frees the beast» and confirm one of the most fun performances, with rhythm and a high dose of racket that have played in our festival. El Canijo de Jerez, ex-Delinqüente, promess to turn upside down the tent during the night of Friday 14th



The french electro groove DELUXE will take a couple of days out from their studio to visit Expogrow. In September, they plan to record their next album and for sure they will play some unpublished theme. If you still don’t know them, get ready to let your moustache growing.

Demi Portion


The rapper from Sète, comes to Irún to show once more why his «home made» hip hop has turned him into one of the most talented of the French scene. His just edited fifth album, Super Héros, brings back together both the most puristics and the most rookies.

Don Cornelius


As in previous editions, the nights of concerts will start with Dj Don Cornelius. It’s the funkiest and most relaxed nickname of this crazy man passionate with music. He shared his music fever in the classiest places. He managed to immerse his music personality with old sounds but also new sounds to create a strong umbilical cord. From the most elegant Soul to the most positive Reggae, including the most combative Rap, most classic Pop or the most melodic Rock.

Dj Victor Santana


Víctor Santana is a relevant artist of the underground electronic culture. He’s been influenced by a variety of styles like jazz, soul, reggae, house and of course, the «made in Detroit» techno. His label Chaval Records is already in the hands of Robert Hood, Los Hermanos, Vince Watson o Mike Banks.

More artists

More artists to confirm. Stay tuned.

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