Expogrow Cannabis Cup


Expogrow presents a new edition of our beloved trophy for professionals: The sheep Beltzi.

This year the Cup will have a just women jury selected among renowned women of the cannabis sector. This way, we reclaim and underline the important role of women within this industry and in general, in the society.

VII Expogrow Cannabis Cup categories:

  • Best sativa “Special Franco Loja Price”:
  • 1° Kannabia Seeds – Colombian Jack
  • 2° Exotic Seeds – Spicy Bich
  • 3° Green House Seeds – Arjan Haze #1
  • Best indica:
  • 1° Green House – Franco’s Cheese
  • 2° The Plant Seeds – Gelato Plant
  • 3° Barney’s Farm – Shiskaberry
  • Best extraction with solvent:
  • 1° Ripper Seeds – Chem Pie
  • 2° Kannabia Seeds – Diesel Glue
  • 3° Exclusive Seeds – Dr. Lemon OG
  • Best extraction without solvent:
  • 1° TIE :
    • R-Kiem Seeds – Dead Cheese
    • The Plant Seeds – Northern Lights 5 Haz
  • 2° Green Wish Seeds – Amatista
  • 3º Mr. Hide Seeds – Jekyll Kush
  • Best automatic:
  • 1° Mr. Hide Seeds – Kritical Red
  • 2° Exotic Seeds – Monster Kush
  • 3° Mr. Hide Seeds – Northern Cream

VII Expogrow Prices categories:

  • Best stand: Sensi Seeds
  • Best seeds bank: Exclusive Seeds
  • Best  cultivation product: Easy Rolls
  • Best fertilizer: Advanced Nutrients
  • Best paraphernalia: “Bud Bar” de Aso Service
  • Best comunication media: Soft Secrets
  • Best publication: Mama Éditions
  • Best Hemp product: “Breeder Hemp Flor” de Breeder Seeds
  • Best CBD product: Pura Vida CBD
  • Activist of the year: NORML France
  • Honorary Award: 
    • Kannabia Seeds, 10 years.
    • Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, 25 years.


If you are a oficial seed bank and you want to participate in the VII Expogrow Cannabis bank please get in touch.

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