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Expogrow is a different cannabis fair. You don’t come to Ficoba just to buy or to sell, you come to grow… relationships, the knowledge and the critical awareness.

One of the pillars of this cannabis date has always been the previously named International Cannabis Forum and, since 2017, named CANNABIS BOX FORUM in order to reach better to the assistants but keeping it’s content quality.

We are looking forward to see you there!!

Organized by Expogrow and FUNDACIÓN RENOVATIO.


Amber Marks


Amber Marks is a barrister and is Director of the Criminal Justice Centre and Convenor for the Law of Evidence and Criminal Justice and Surveillance Technologies at Queen Mary, University of London. In criminal law Amber is particularly interested in theories of criminalisation and comparative criminal law, and in drugs offences and prostitution law.

Diego Silva


Uruguay Lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR). PhD in Social and Legal Sciences from the University of Cadiz, Spain. Since 2010 he has been a parliamentary adviser and he was Co-editor of the Law No. 19.172, of Regulation and Control of the Marijuana Market in Uruguay, from December 20th of 2013. He is the author of many deffrent articles about the legal regulations of ilegal drugs.

Kenzi Riboulet


Kenzi Riboulet is an long experienced activist in France, where he, since the beginning, has worked with social and health actors related with drugs. He has also cooperate with local French authorities organizing events, information and proposals of risk reduction programes and political and different national policies proposals to get out of the logical prohibition.

Guillermo Moreno


Info soon

Juanma Fernández


With a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and current journalist and expert and adviser of technology. He is the CEO od Easy CSC (services of technological platform for cannabis clubs – THE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS) as well as CEO of Smokapp (app for clubs communication and members loyalty)

Aitor Brion


With a degree in Law by the Basque Country University and graduated by the IVAC (Basque Criminology Institute). He’s currently attorney and legal adviser of the EUSFAC (Basque Federation of Cannabis associations)

Kontxi Palencia


She holds a diploma in Business Science and has been senator for Araba-Álava in 2015 and 2016. Besides, Kontxi Palencia has been the Spokesperson of the Health, Consumption Affaires and Welfare State Commission of the Senate as well as Spokesperson of the Joint Committee for the Drug Problems Study and Spokesperson of the Vasco-Euskal Territorial Group Podemos Taldea


Rosa de la Torre (Spain)

Info comming soon.

David Lorenzo


He presides the management board and is CEO of the company Innogreen Labs S.L., which job is dedicated to the control and production of plantations on its primary state from the fields, on R&D and wholesale or introducing it on the market of the white-labels. All of them are products of industrial cannabis in the industrial hemp food and therapeutical sectors.

Dana Agronomics

Xaquin Acosta (Spain)

His passion form the cannabis plant was born at the beginning of the 90’s, when he started focusing on it his professional training, research and develop of its different uses, either industrial or therapeutical. Years later he became an expert and a bridge between the cannabis social reality and the different government agencies. He will be speaking about industrial hemp as representative of Dana Agronomics.

Bernardo Soriano


Currently, he is a criminal defense lawyer specialized in cannabis. He has a degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and has a master’s degree in Criminal and Procedure Law from the Madrid bar Association. He cooperates with the main figures involved in the cannabis regulation either at a recreational or medicinal level: Responsible Regulation and the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis.

Araceli Manjón


She’s professor of Criminal Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has also been Substitute Judge of the Criminal Division of the National High Court and she’s the Head of the Drugs National Plan Cabinet. She has given more than 30 speeches about drugs banning, drug trafficking, international drug control treaties, its consequences on international relations and the legal situation of the cannabis and ayahuasca regulation in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay. Currently, she holds the Extraordinary Chair of the UCM (Complutense University of Madrid) «Drugs of the XXI Century».

Mamá Cultiva

Valeria Salech (Argentina)

Valeria Salech is the mother of Emiliano, whose condition led her to discover the medicinal properties of the cannabis oil. Together with other moms and against the restrictive Argentine laws about cannabis growing and possession they created Mamá Cultiva, a NGO she currently presides and whose main target is to fight for a law that was enacted in March 2017 thanks to the efforts of this organization.

Eko Puffs

Iñigo Basaguren (Spain)

Íñigo Basaguren has a degree in Marketing and Advertising who has performed part of his professional career in the field of ecological agriculture. Concurrently with this passion he has developed an exclusive and artisanal filters line made out of borosilicate glass and quartz which are really effective. With this filters line, called Eko Puffs, he hopes to replace the current filters we usually use and which are so contaminant..

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Seve Aznar (Spain)

Seve Aznar works with cannabis since 1989, growing, selecting, and doing crossbreeding. He has cooperated and worked in different projects with different seeds banks of the industry. Currently, he is working on the creation of therapeutical seeds in the field of CBD and other cannabinoids with Medical Marijuana Genetics.

Territorio Bitcoin

Óscar Domínguez (Spain)

He stablished Territorio Bitcoin in 2015, winner of a Digital Award in Mass Media Innovation in Spain.

Marihuana Televisión

Marcial Cervero (Spain)

He has dedicated more than 30 years to audiovisual production, performing duties such as scriptwriter, cameraman, editor, executive and producer. Since the end of the 90’s he gets linked to the cannabis activism and in 2002 he publishes the Video Revista Canal Caña, a pioneering production in Spanish about cannabis and other substances in video format. In 2008 he creates the channel Marihuana Televisión which, since 2012, produces the programmes News and Now.

Revista Cáñamo

Fidel Moreno (Spain)

He has a degree in Humanities and a master degree in Theory and Review of the Culture. Writer, journalist and musician, he has been coordinator of the project El Estado Mental (The Mental State). He is currently the editor in chief of the cannabis culture magazine Cañamo as well as teacher of Narrative in the school SUR of the Círculo de bellas Artes de Madrid.

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