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Considering the success of the first B2B sessions (Business to Business) organized in 2015, 2016, 2017 and  Expogrow Business Barcelona (march 2018), this year, Expogrow wants to develop this morning dedicated to facilitate the interaction and development of commercial links between exhibitors and professionals.

In order to do so, a unique and free B2B meeting is organized on Friday 14th of September from 9 :30 am to 2 :30 pm.

On September 14th, Expogrow opens its doors exclusively to professionals for a 5 hours B2B session which main objective is to improve the profitability of companies and professionals from the cannabis sector.

As last year, a meeting room will be at your disposal.

How to participate to the B2B session

Participate to the B2B session is very simple. You just have to be accredited as a Professional of the cannabis sector or as an Exhibitor. Then you will receive your accreditation that gives you access to the B2B session and the whole Fair.

You will get a free and direct access to more than 180 companies from Spain, Netherlands, U.S, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, China etc

How to fix appointments with other professionals

In order to take the most of this B2B session, Expogrow puts at your disposal an online tool to contact other professionals so you can fix in advance appointments for the B2B session or during the entire Fair.
If you are an exhibitor or profesionnals of the cannabis industry and you are interested to have free access to this tool, please click in the following button

Please contact us if you have any question.

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