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Hi, we are Nekwo. A communication media that pretends to show that cannabis is more than color green. We’d like to show its most bright side, from its every single facet. Here you will find from the most current news to stories about music, technology, fashion, art, sport, business, trips, people, products, growshops and all the community.

We are leaders of nothing, but that is not our objective.

What we intend to do is to create a meeting point, of communication, of information and training, of entertainment. Not only for those who consider themselves as experts or professionals, but also for you. And for those ones who want to know, to know more or to know better.

We are currently a small team of technicians, journalists and researchers, though we are also a nice group of people, friends and relevant actors of this industry. We all together started this adventure because together we have the same mission: to change the current social perception about cannabis. We’d like to connect people with our industry, with our sector.

We hope to meet you soon. In our site, in our studio in Valencia or in any place where we can keep chatting about what we are passionate about and inspired by: our plant

Nekwo. The bright side of cannabis.

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