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Atami: Since 1997, a renowned techno-biological research center.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine the role of experienced and amateur growers without liquid nourish for plants, biostimulators and layers. To respond to this increasing demand of products, Atami B.V. keeps producing the best for your plants.

Thanks to extensive studies and the non-stop optimization of its products, Atami obeys the most strict quality regulations. This turns into a wide assortment of possibilities for every kind of cultivation. This broad range hasn’t been unnoticed. In a short time, Atami has spread out all around the world. With a huge number of customers of more than 40 countries, Atami is considered as a professional research center in the field of botany. Its products are still sold everywhere in the world, achieving unbeatable crops.

Atami produces the highest quality products, of a great pureness and of course, highly concentrated. That’s why they turn out to be cheap at its use, keeping an optimal balance. This makes Atami products useful for every kind of plants. To respond to the growers needs, the range of Atami has been divided in three different lines of botany products: B’cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG.
The line of botany products B’cuzz has been specially developed for experienced growers who desire to achieve the maximum efficiency in its cultivations. The botany line ATA has been produced for every grower who wants to do easy and simple cultivations without detriment to the cultivation quality. The popularity of the ecological grower increases, that’s why the line of products ATA NRG has a great success. The ecological grower who care about the taste and the scent of the harvest, will find here the most appropriate products.

The literal translation for Atami is: “here I am”. Atami remains leader in the field of botany nutrition and keeps developing without rest.

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