Cannabis Box Forum

Cannabis Box Forum

The Social and International Forum becomes the Cannabis Box Forum, a natural evolution of a new debate space

During the past five editions of the EXPOGROW trade show, one of its main pillars has been the Social International Cannabis Forum which has become as a cultural reference event about Cannabis and its policies for other national and international forums and debates.
Its new format, CANNABIS BOX FORUM, will integrate, for the first time, the forum space inside the fair and will present a new range of discussion themes, more varied and dynamic. This new space will change the lectern stage for a talk show format in which speakers and attendees will be able to interact.
On Friday 15th the debate will be more focused on the therapeutical aspects, more up-to-day than ever. Saturday 16th will be the perfect time to share experiences with our very special guests who belong to the world of music, activism, and cannabis cultivation. EXPOGROW and the FUNDACIÓN RENOVATIO, organizers of this debate space, will soon give further information about the CANNABIS BOX FORUM content.


Augusto Vitale


He works as a social analyst psycologist member  of the Cannabis Control and Regulation Institute (IRCCA)

Guillermo Moreno


Pharmacologist with a solid training in organic chemicals and biochemistry. Experienced in cultivation and processing of cannabis, he’s got a deep knowledge in phytochemistry, physiology and cannabinoid pharmacology.

Javier Pedraza


He has a Degree in Medicine and Surgery and he is specialised in Family Medicine. Currently, he is part of the Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observatory and he presides the Ibero-American Medicinal Cannabis Association (SIBEMEC)

Jorge Fernandez


He founded in 2008 the Hermes Medical Engineering S.L. dedicated to the research and design of devices for the consumption of vaporized active substances. His first device, MiniVap, is sold all around the world due to its simplicity and its therapeutical strength.

Jorge Carlos Bouso


Currently, he’s the Scientific Projects Director of the ICEERS Foundation (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service), where he manages studies about the potential benefits of the appropriate use of vegetal origin psychoactive substances, mainly cannabis, ayahuasca and ibogaine.

Koldo Callado


He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery. Associate teacher of Pharmacology in the UPV/EHU. Author of 95 articles in international scientific magazines, he has been, until 2015, the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Cannabinoids Research Society .

Leire Urigen


She has a Degree in Biology and she is also a researcher of Pharmacology in the UPV/EHU. She’s currently working on Neuropharmapsichology research and substances abuse. She’s also a member of the Spanish Society of Research about Cannabinoids.

Michael Collins


Deputy Director of the National Affairs Office of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) in Washington D.C. He has worked with the Congress in a wide range of publications about the costs of the war against drugs, the funds for syringes access and the situation in Latin America.

Óscar Parés


Currently, he’s the Assistant Manger of ICEERS Foundation (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research & Service) where he drives educational and research projects in the field of those people who uses cannabis with medicinal aims and their families as well as the drug policies reforms.

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