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V Social and International Cannabis Forum

Alchimia Solidaria
Fundacion Renovatio


Together with the Foundation Renovatio, Expogrow organizes the V Social and International Cannabis Forum by putting the emphasis on the discussion of normalization in the world, which is directed by important national and international personalities invited to the discussion.

Foundation Renovatio racks up his extensive experience  in the management of collectives of cannabis users with the intention of supporting the participants in these regulative processes by providing them useful tools that promote a more coherent and complete regulation.

The access to the V Social and International Cannabis Forum is still free and doesn´t require a previous inscription.

The participants have free access to the centre where the Forum will take place until its capacity is fully occupied.

Friday 16 th  and Saturday 17th of September of 2016 in the auditorium of the Ficoba Exhibition Centre. The V Social and International Cannabis Forum is sponsored by  Canna y Fundación Alchimia Solidaria


Nuria Calzada


Psychologist and member of Energy Control since 2000. She’s the national coordinator of the project. Since then, she has collaborated in different studies and researches about drugs and has a big experience at teaching health professionals, education and night leisure.

Raul Elizalde


President of the Civil Association POR GRACE A.C., created after her daughter Graciela became the first patient at receiving a cannabidiol based treatment in Mexico. The association has the aim of giving support to those people in need of receiving cannabis treatments for either medical or therapeutical reasons, as well as fighting for its regulation. Etizalde is also founder partner of the American Industrial Hemp S.A. DE C.V., a company created with the aim of promoting the cannabis production and its derivatives in Mexico.

Hanka Gabrielová

Czech Republic

Hanka Gabrielová was graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Bohemia del Sur University. In 1999 she presented a thesis on culture and use of industrial hemp in Czech Republic. In 2005 she was accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture as a specialized councilor in ecological agriculture and hemp culture. In 2011 she became a member of the Petitions Committee for medical cannabis in the Czech Rep. Since September 2010, Hanka works as General director of Hempoint Ltd, a company focused on the organic cultivation of hemp products, mostly production of flowers, and distribution of hemp seeds.

Ana María Gazmuri


Long career actress and communicator in theatre, cinema and TV. Since 2012 she’s involved in the field of general drug policies and specially in medical Cannabis, by driving the creation of Daya Foundation at the beginning of 2014 in order to work, in an institutional frame, on the developing of this theme in Chile and abroad. She has broaden her mind as a floral therapist, Reiki therapist and has a degree in Mindfulness. She has also studied Buddhist Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology.

Louise Levayer


Graduated from Science Po Lille in 2009, she did a master’s degree at the IPEAT in Toulouse in 2014. As part of this master’s degree she worked with Hector Suarez at the Uruguay Observatory on Drugs as an intern for 5 months in 2015. In September 2015 she presented her thesis about the 19.172 law of cannabis regulation and the political and social process that enabled its adoption. Currently she’s part of a research team chosen to make the first report on the issue of use of drugs in UNASUR countries. In France, she participates to an initiative that tries to open a participative, integral and multidisciplinary debate on drugs policies and French legislation concerning drugs.


Araceli Manjón


Teacher of Criminal law at the Complutense University of Madrid, she was a deputy magistrate at the Criminal Chamber of the Spanish National Court and director of the National Plan on Drugs’ Cabinet. She has participated to the 2014 edition of the Social and International Cannabis Forum at Expogrow.


Carola Perez


Graduated of audiovisual communication, area in which she has decided to work most of her professional career. Currently she presides over the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis and she’s the founder of an association of therapeutics users where she helps all kind of patients that use cannabis for medical purposes and promote the regulation of therapeutic cannabis.

Luciana Pol


Graduated of sociology at the UBA, specialized in statistic methods applied to social sciences at the Institute for Economic and Social Development. Since 2003 she is a Senior Fellow in Security Policy and Human Rights at the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS). She is member of the board of directors of Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs and vice-director of New York NGO Committee on Drugs.


Luis Rivera


Luis Rivera Velez is a political specialist who works on change of drugs policies’ paradigms in Latin America. He has conducted studies on legalization of cannabis and social rights (abortion and homosexual marriage) in Uruguay. Currently, he’s preparing a PhD in France on the different drugs policies changes regarding cannabis in Latin America.

Cristina Sánchez


Teacher of Biochemistry and molecular biology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since the late 1990’s, she has focused her researches on the study of the anti-tumor potential of cannabinoids, in particular concerning breast cancer. Cristina has been the scientist secretary of the Spanish Cannabinoids Research Society which she is member. Besides, she is one of the founding members and the current secretary of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis.

Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren


Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren is a pain specialist for almost 4 decades. She served for one year as the head the pain services in Hadassah, Ein Karem. She studied medicine in Tel Aviv University and did a fellowship in Albert Einstein medical center in New York. Currently she’s working in Tel Aviv Medical Center where she does clinical and research. She has seen patients with pain from various reasons and pathologies, Cannabis was the answer for many of them as the sole agent that helped them to recover and to regain their well being.

Sara Znapp


Representative of the Global Commission of Drug Policies of the United Nations, Snapp is an expert in drug policies and its international impact. She has a degree in Politics by the Colorado University and has a master’s degree in Public Politics by the Harvard University. Furthermore, she is the author of the “Drug Dictionary”. Her work is focused on communication strategies, Latin America and the International reform on drugs policies

Open and feminine Assembly (REMA)

For the first time at Expogrow, Much more than a Cannabis Fair, a platform launched by the Association Red de Mujeres Anti-prohibicionistas en el Ambito de las Drogas (REMA) organizes an “open assembly” where will be debated different subjects regarding the fight for new, more fair and efficient drugs policies.

Mujerescannabicas.org take part in this program incorporating the perspective of gender and the fight against patriarchy in order to erode discrimination and inequalities women are suffering from in this sector.

The driving group of this new feminist movement will make several presentations during the Fair, in the B2B area, in the Room, RR area and Associations area.

More information about REMA’s activity program at Expogrow 2016 HERE



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Foundation Renovatio racks up an extensive experience in the management of collectives of cannabis users with the main objective of supporting all the participants in these regulative processes by providing them useful tools which contribute to a more coherent and complete regulation. More information >>>

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