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Since its foundation in 1985 in Holland, Soft Secrets is a newspaper free of charge for growers and cannabis consumers.

Today, Soft Secrets counts 9 editions and some of them are distributed to more than just one country. In Europe it reaches Spain, France, Holland, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic. The Soft Secrets Latam edition reaches Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru. Soft Secrets has a worldwide network with collaborators that include the best cannabis journalists that inform us about the latest developments on the market.

Soft Secrets keeps the new generation of growers and users informed about the benefits of (medical) cannabis and about cannabis-related products. Soft Secrets is always trendy, irreverent and informative. Soft Secrets teaches you about growing, smoking, the marihuana lifestyle, music and travelling.

The group Discover also offers other products such as Highlife Guide, the pioneer guide for the cannabis industry and is the most complete until today. The portal cannabis.info is another information source that is daily being updated in 9 languages.

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