Positronics contributed actively to the development and the introduction of the first cannabis hybrids in Europe. With difficulties they managed to export new varieties to Holland, where they decided to settle down to work professionally. They were pioneers in developing the cultivation technique without seeds, only from cutting, that led to a revolution in the end of the 70s.

Positronics consolidated in Amsterdam as a pioneer company of the auto cultivation and the selective growing of cannabis. Until today, their seed is still distributed among thousands of growers.

The countless crosses between different plants has led to a huge variety where you can choose the most appropriate plant for each situation, a phenomenon comparable to a wine selection in a restaurant. This has become the unique philosophy of Positronics. In addition, the aroma and the taste of our varieties are very important to us, so that the grower can choose from a great genetic selection the product that most fits his needs.

The last years of work in Spain have been recognized a lot in competitions, cups and fairs … by the public and as well as professionals of this field. This tells us that we”re heading in the right direction and that we should keep striving to offer the best crosses between the best and most aromatic varieties on the market.

Our seeds are a 100 % feminized.

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