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Nirvana 20 years, 20 years of excellence.
The dawn of a New Era at Nirvana Seeds.

The history of Nirvana dates back to the mid to late 80’s. The founder was working for Positronics at that time, the first growshop in the world. It is there he got inspired, gathered the know-how and started dreaming of starting his own seedbank.

In the 80’s and the 90’s he and friends were travelling extensively to exotic places, in the footsteps of hippies, collecting seeds of landraces from around the globe. Over the years he built an impressive library of strains. In the early 90’s Nirvana started experimenting with these genetics crossbreeding and inbreeding strains to create exciting, stable hybrids. Initially the seeds were sold solely in the Amsterdam shop, but eventually Nirvana Seeds was formed in 1995 to market these strains worldwide.

Over the last 20 years we have successfully bred and marketed over 50 world-class cannabis strains. As of April 1st Nirvana has a new owner + a new general manager. Together with the current team Nirvana is buzzing with new energy. The existing team of breeders has been strengthened by the arrival of a new crew of experienced breeders, creating a superstar breeders collective. All Nirvana’s breeders maintain a strict breeding regimen to ensure the highest possible quality. We strive for fair prices, so everybody can afford high quality genetics bred by Nirvana.

The release in May of two new CBD strains and 3 new autoflowering strains are a testament of strength of the new collective and a new zest for life.

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