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El Cultivador was created in 2012 with the intention of satisfying the needs in the Cannabis sector: professionalize the cultivation in a free bimonthly publication.

After months full of efforts and hard work, we´ve created a journal of maximal quality which supports the broadcasting of the culture as well as pushes on the market around our plant, not only in Spain, but also in all the Spanish-spoken parts of the world by virtue of the digital version.

You can acquire El Cultivador for free in your grow shop or in your association of your trust. By reading this, you´ll be informed about the latest cultivation trends and you´ll also have the best information about the Cannabis world.

We count on the support of various companies, an important human team and articles of a fabulous staff who make EL CULTIVADOR a referential journal in  Spanish-language.

Don´t forget the fact that you can enjoy for free the digital version and our homepage: elcultivador.com

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