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Monkey Dub Corner

Monkey Dub Corner is a musical project linked to the roots’n’culture that gather several Jamaican styles, always strongly influenced by UK. For this occasion and prepared to animate the outdoor area, we will count with the presence of Natx Steppa (dark-steppa), Olson & Ilya (ukroots-steppa) and Dubtor (steppa/d’n’b) member of Hotel. They will be in charge of the sound during the week-end. Good vibes guaranteed.

Alchimia Camel Race

In all Spanish funfairs we found this attraction that has become a classic, the camel race. Choose your rider et be prepared to aim well in order to be the fastest to put the balls in the holes 1,2,3. That way you will score points in order to make your camel move forward the finishing line. The winners will win prizes of the brand.

Ready, steady, go…

Monologue Chico Requena

« We all remember the first time we had sex and also the first time we smoked weed, even if the second one was more fun ! »

Chico Requena, comedian, actor and writer, was born in Malaga on 01/01/1980 so we could say he’s the first child of the 80’s. After having performed all across Spain with his different shows, he will present at Expogrow the monologue « Talent for failure » on Saturday 17th at 14 :30 pm.

This show is sponsored by Kannabia Seeds and Yes We Skunk.

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